Erkunde Topf, Porzellan und noch mehr!

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China 20. Jh. Topf - A Chinese Famille Rose Jar & Cover - Fencai Cinese…

collectible chinese Famille Rose porcelain Hand Painting Belle vase

China 20. Jh. A Chinese Carved Hardstone 'Peach & Bat ' Group - Cinese…

Mahakala Brahmanarupa delicate painting, original mounting consisting of Chinese and Indian Moghul silk-weavings

China 19./20. Jh. - A Chinese Green Hardstone Carving of a Boat - Chinois Cinese

Asian Chinese accessories jardiniere/cachepot porcelain

China 19. Jh. Pinselwascher - A Chinese Soapstone Brushwasher - Cinese Chinois

China 19/20. Jh. A Chinese Carved Jade Peach & Bat Pendant Giada Cinese…

China 18./19. Jh. Schale -A Chinese Gold Damascened Bronze Bowl - Cinese Chinois

China 20. Jh. Speiseschale - A Chinese Blue & White Food Bowl - Cinese Chinois

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