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Muster – Farbe – Design. Eisenzeitliche Textilkunst aus Mitteleuropa | Karina Grömer -

Chimney Sweep, London, England, 1877 (John Thomson)

Blue-Painted Ibex Amphora -- 1390–1353 BCE -- New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, Reign of Amenhotep III -- Upper Egypt; Thebes -- Metropolitan Museum of Art

Now known as "the Bäckaskog Woman", this Stone Age hunter and fisher was buried in Kiaby, Skåne at the age of 45. The funeral took place in springtime, when birch and hazel were in bloom. The Bäckaskog woman is the oldest and most famous skeleton found in Sweden. In her grave, a spear head was found, suitable for hunting and fishing, made of bone and sharp flint blades. Because of the grave goods archaeologists first thought she was a man, and she was known as "the Fisherman" for many…

Heart amulet with human head Period: New Kingdom or Ramesside Period Dynasty: Dynasty 18 or 21–22 Date: ca. 1550–710 B.C. Geography: From Egypt

Amulet with ankhs Period: Middle Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 12–13 Date: ca. 1981–1640 B.C. Geography: From Egypt

Cliffs End Farm - the pit burial In one Late Bronze Age pit archaeologists found the skeletons of five people. The upper skeleton is an old man, with a child beside him. The lower one is a teenager with his head on the skull of a cow.