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Morganite. For all the pink lovers out there. Did you know that Morganite come from the same mineral family as Emerald? Crazy genetics!

Boulder Opal Specimen

Crystals & Stones: #Ajoite comes from South Africa. It is wonderful for creativity, overcoming prejudice, expressing your truth and youthfulness. It brings calm, which is always nice. It helps spirit contact, jealousy, hate, anger and prejudice. It also replaces fears with love.

216 ct Phantom Ethiopian Welo Opal

Our Gilson opal comes in many forms including rough, tumbled, chips and cabochons. We occasionally have 2nd quality material as well. Below and to the left are our different opal categories. Please email us if you have any questions or are looking for something we don't carry.

Quartz - for healing, amplification and energy! Learn more about crystal healing at

This looks like opal... but I've never seen an opal with such blue before, wow o.o

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