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Erkunde Mit Mineralwasser, Schwimmbad Mit und noch mehr!

Bulgaria Velingrad la piscine d'eau minerale das Schwimmbad mit Mineralwasser -

This warrior dress was part of the burial gifts of an Odrysian Aristocrat, discovered in Golyamata Mogila (the Big Tumulus), situated between the villages of Zlatinitsa and Malomirovo in the Yambol Region, Bulgaria. It is dated to the mid 4th century BC and consists of a bronze helmet of the Chalkidean type with unique decorations of coiled snake and an iron, scaled armour. The burial also contained swords, spears and bronze arrow heads.

The centuries-long Bulgaria's history is studded with glorious battles and cultural upsurges, impressive monuments of culture, looming out of the darkness of oblivion, quietly resurrect the memory of events and personalities that changed the destiny not only of Bulgaria but of the entire Balkan Peninsula.

Triple vessel, consisting of three almond-shaped pieces connected to each other with tubes, and with a handle with three branches forming a system of interconnected vessels. From the Valchitran Treasure, 1300 BC. Now in the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is supposed that the Thracian king-priests used the vessels for religious rituals.

The group picture with Louisa and Elisabeth during the Free Sofia Tour.

Treasure from Nagyszentmiklós ; Gold 7th century ; Cup ; with a text at the bottom "Esperih khan" Съкровище от Наги Сен Миклош ; Злато от 7 век ; Чаша; На дъното текст с руни "Есперих кан"

Handcrafted wooden muskal with rose oil perfume

Arbanasi, Bulgaria - The small village of Arbanasi, in north central Bulgaria, is popular with tourists because of its well-preserved historical buildings. Many of the old buildings still retain their Ottoman decor and design.

Thracian Stylized Silver Plaque with Three Bird's Heads PERIOD  3rd - 2nd century BC

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