Erkunde Esc Esc, Ende 5 und noch mehr!

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt -3D sculpture -I like the details of the facial features which is very interesting

The work of Stockholm based artist Anders Krisár often deals with the human body. It is discomfiting, presenting objects of simultaneous horror and beauty. Krisár takes realistic casts of human body parts, torso, arms or faces to modify hem in ways that lend them a surreal quality. His aim is to explore interpersonal relationships and examine the complexities of the human condition.

Richard Macdonald: Richard MacDonald is world-renowned for artistry that reveals a profound understanding of the human experience and which celebrates the ascendancy of the human spirit.

Mona Hatoum: Suspended and more

carole baillargeon

Visaurin-Bisaurin by VîNcE

Beanbag Basketball - How Fast? | Elementary PE Games

'Shelters In The Tube' Henry Moore, 1941

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