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Erkunde Ring Wien, Wien Photo und noch mehr!

Sunset Schotten Ring - Wien - Photo : Renaud Cornu-Emieux

von The Telegraph

Christmas markets in Europe

Christkindlesmarkt Nürnberg - Christmas Market in Nürnberg, Germany

255-277 € -- Wien-Flugreise ins 5*-Hotel, 43% sparen

Glass necklace by the Innsbruck Court Glassworks ca. 1570-1591. In total, it is 55cm long, and each ring is only 1cm in diameter. Made up of 6 strands, the ends held together by a ring of blue or green glass, and a blue glass closure-ring. The individual elements are alternate 1 white and 2 black, and 2 white and 1 black. (Some rings are missing, and one of the six chains is broken.) Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Sammlungen Schloss Ambras.

Vienna, 1900: State opera - "erste Haus am Ring"

Original Wiener Apfelstrudel Schritt für Schritt

Spanische Hofreitschule

Piazza della Città Vecchia con la Chiesa del Týn

Wien1858 - Wiener Ringstraße – Wikipedia

Rappaport narrates the compelling story of Lenin’s life and political activities in the years leading up to the revolution. As he scuttled between the glittering capital cities of Europe—from London and Munich to Vienna and Prague—Lenin found support among fellow émigrés and revolutionaries in the underground movement. He came to lead a ring of conspirators, many of whom would give their lives in service to his schemes.