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@veganmofo asked us for our favourite food memory. I recently had a strong and unusual craving for savoury breakfast and used some components of a many years ago beloved full English breakfast to satisfy them. And oh did this dish make me happy! This crispy Breakfast Potato Nests are seriously delicious! #vegan #veganfood #veganblog #foodblog #vegangirl #veganmofo #veganmofo16 #autumn #fall #breakfast #rainbow #eattherainbow #veggies #winter #guacamole #organic #comfortfood #homemade…

I was at a baby/kid store to purchase some items for a new mommy I know and these type of shirts were EVERYWHERE!! Not only this bullshit for little boys, but a hundred tops for little girls that say "Princess." Disgusting!!!! WTH.

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23 bunte Basteleien, die Du mit Deinen Kindern machen kannst

Malt eure Gemälde mal nicht mit dem Pinsel, sondern mit der Farb-Spritzpistole. | 23 bunte Basteleien, die Du mit Deinen Kindern machen kannst

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37 Dinge, Die Einfach Nach Deiner Kindheit Aussehen

<b>"Pflege die <a href="" target="_blank">Erinnerungen</a>."</b>

Stephen Fry's message is so true. People that are homosexual are not trying to make others homosexual. What they want is to be accepted, just like everyone else. However, most homophobes on the other hand are trying to place their negative and unfair beliefs on others to make them also homophobic. Which is demeaning and inconsiderate.