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Siena Heights University - Adrian, Michigan - Siena Heights University is rumored to have a haunted room in one of its dorms. At least, Room 211 is said to have been haunted in the 1970s. A witness reported that doors opened and closed, and glowing eyes came out of nowhere in the middle of a wall. A chair rocked by itself and smashed a mirror.

McMorran Place Theatre - Port Huron, Mich - McMorran Place Theater, built in 1960, is haunted by ghostly eyes, orbs, and the apparition of a woman and others. Many ghosts have been spotted in the balcony.

Doherty Hotel - Clare, Michigan - The hotel was a notorious hangout for gangsters in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and was also the scene of many murders, as well as front for an illegal gambling parlour. Loud knocking noises have been heard in the lobby when there is no one around, and the aroma of perfume is smelt. People have reported seeing shadowy apparitions, and having their doors unlocked and opened during the night by an unseen force.

John Dodge House - Rochester, Michigan - Auto magnate John Dodge’s former weekend retreat in Oakland University’s Meadow Brook Estate is rumored to have a ghost. Suspects include Dodge himself, who died in 1920, and his daughter, Anna Margaret, who died of measles at age 4. Witnesses have described the sounds of footsteps and disembodied voices as well as the eerie sensation of being watched by something invisible.

Capitol Theatre - Flint, Mich - The historic Capitol Theatre is said to be haunted, and witnesses have seen apparitions and shadows in the balcony area and heard unexplained screams, moans, and tapping on the walls. Reports say that bands setting up here have had their equipment suddenly go dead and heard eerie singing accompanied by apparitions in the balcony.

Grand Hotel - Mackinaw Island, Mich - This hotel, built in the late 19th century, is known to have more than a few haunts as a result of some grisly historic facts. It is said that when the hotel’s foundation was laid, many human skeletons were unearthed. And the small horse corral is said to be on the site of the first post cemetery. Rumor has it that not all the bodies were recovered when the cemetery was moved to its new location.

Old Regent Theatre - Allegan, Mich - Old Regent Theatre is said to house a shadowy apparition, spotted in the projection room, and witnesses have described cold spots, the touch of a cold hand, and unseen presences.

Michigan Firehouse Museum - Ypsilanti, Michigan - Michigan Firehouse Museum is housed in an 1898 building that, ironically caught fire twice: once in 1901 and again in 1922. Fire Chief Alonzo Miller passed away in the second fire, and he is thought to linger here in spirit. Witnesses have described knocks, bangs, voices, whispers, and doors that open and close on their own.