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Erkunde Gruppe, Wollmeise Blue Multicolor und noch mehr!

Traubenhyazinthe (Intensity: Medium) the green and blue of the grape hyacinth

Drachenblut; (Intensity: Medium) Dragonblood: blue and red

Gewitterhimmel; (Intensity: Medium) Stormy Sky: all blue shades with navy and dove-coloured blue

Tiefer See; (Intensity: Medium) Deep Lake: so green and blue like a deep lake in the mountains

Vergißmeinnicht; Forget me not: soft blue and turquoise

Blue Bell; (Intensity: Medium) Teal, blue and purple

Pfauenauge; (Intensity: Medium) Peacock feather: blue, green and purple

Blue Suzanne; (Intensity: Medium) The well known Suzanne with a touch blue