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Erkunde Lavrion Griechenland, Laurion und noch mehr!

Al-Adamin xx Lavrion, Griechenland Laurion adamit adamite Stufe Z14

Amethyst Cluster Amethyst Kristall roh Amethyst von bionicunicorn

High Down Quarry is the type locality for the aluminium phopshate wavellite. It was discovered there by John Hill in the late eighteenth century and named for William Wavell a local physician and #mineral collector. (photo by Crazy Dave Green on Flickr)

XL-1565 CT. Engel Aura Kaktus Quartz Crystal von AquarianAgeGems

Calcite: clears the room of negative energy; connects emotions with the intellect; calms the mind while stimulating discernment, analysis and insight; great memory enhancer | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes

Achat Edelstein verlässt, Carved Blätter, Willkommen Herbst, Blätter Herbst Edelstein, Achat, Achat verlässt, Altar-Tool, Achat-Heimtextilien

Achat Edelstein verlässt Carved Blätter Willkommen von MagicaLuna

Rose Pink Rhodochrosite Stalactite Cutting Rough Wrapping stone

Rose Pink Rhodochrosite Stalactite Cutting Rough by FenderMinerals

Crystals / American Museum of Natural History