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Kinder – Katholische Kirche-Erziehungsheime- Jugendamt: Die Pädophilien Dämonen und ihre Helfershelfer Februar 2014 von Heinz Duthel Taschenbuch EUR Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 4 b… |

2/11 The theme of remembering and forgetting is evident on pg.52 when Baba and his family arrive. His kids Nyasha and Chido both act uncomfortable, and out of place. They are dressed in English clothes, speak English, forgot Shona and refrain from dancing. Tambu thinks they willingly forgot many of their cultural traditions from their past lives. She feels that they think they deserve better because they have been educated in England. Nhamo tries to do the same, by only speaking in English.

.I dont back down it takes alot to hurt me . pain is just a word bruises and broken bones heal and believe it or not broken hearts do to. The pain you feel today is going to be the strength God gives you for tomorrow. If God faces you with a mountain smile and start climbing .

nicht der Regen, sondern der Regenbogen ist wichtig

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