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Erkunde Maske, Ageing und noch mehr!

Greek Masks - make some for art Walk display.

Terracotta mask of Pan. Oval face with wide opened eyes and carved pupils, wide opened mouth with teeth and large, pointed ears and horns above the forehead. Magna Graecia, 3rd - 2nd century B.C. Small damages, tip of the left ear is missing.


Said to be a portrait of William Shakespeare, age 24, 1588. Interestingly, one famous portrait of him, used for centuries in literature of all sort, is actually a fake (made from a theatre mask). No conclusive portraits has ever been found of him (or them). Privately, some historians still believe he wasn't a single figure, but group of unidentified writers who worked under the Shakespeare identity. There has been many such mysterious writers in history, this one is most famous up-to our…

Make-up placement for a granny look for Halloween. This would of come in handy for my last years 'grandma zombie' look!

Welches ist die beste Naturkosmetik für reife Haut? Welches sind bekannte und vertrauenswürdige Marken in der Naturkosmetik? Welche Creme soll ich mir für meine reife Haut auftragen?

Lita Cabellut (b1961, born a gipsy girl in the streets of El Raval in Barcelona, Cabellut was adopted at the age of 13)...