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Principles of design: Balance: This could at first appear to be symmetrical, but when you look at all the elements, such as the drawers on the left & the ottomans on the right, it makes it broken up more so it's not in such tight symmetry. Harmony: The shelf above the t.v. is repetitive by having the books, but then the room gets more variety by adding in the plant by the t.v. and the yellow ottomans.


Haseform Bücherturm für 1,80m Bücher weiß

Tower of books. LOVE! Maybe a DIY?

I'd put a book shelf underneath it to be ironic...or for the bookshelf to look like its dreaming about books! Inception.


HYLLIS Regal, drinnen/draußen verzinkt

Item #5, #6, #7, #8: IKEA Regal Hyllis als Küchenregal

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