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Ommggg speechlesss...

what supernatural taught me, - Google-Suche

Supernatural fandom | amulet

This picture is so freaking sad. I am really really emotionally compromised by this picture. somebody just run me over with a fork lift already.

Supernatural fandom | Sam and clowns

Mark Sheppard took Jared to see the the TARDIS at Comic Con. Our Moose couldn't fit inside. <3 #SuperanturalCast #JaredPadalecki [ALSO, I've been asked to make a Supernatural Conventions board, which made perfect sense because now everything Conventions can be organized into one. SO, if you still want DallasCon/ChiCon/any kind of Con spam on your Pinterest, that board is up and I'm starting to move everything to it. :) ]

I love our fandom | Mythical Land of Nerdingham | Pinterest