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De Schwimmer entstehen komplett aus Depron. Steifigkeit erzielen Spanten

Die Konstruktion des Caipi ist simpel und es sind nur wenige Bauteile sowie Komponenten erforderlich

Mod Podge Craft Tutorials by Anja K

Die einfache Konstruktion ermöglicht einen schnellen Bau des Flinky

You know how when you are trying to cut paper thin slices of canes, and you work up a sweat trying to hold that blade absolutely tight? Well, kiddo, let another tool do the work for you: Take your jeweler's saw, remove the sawblade, adjust the frame to the size of your sharpest tissue blade, insert, tension, and away you go! Really. It does make slicing a whole lot less effort, and much more consistent because your blade won't wobble.

Everything you need to know about spray paint all in one place! !!!! This is a MUST-PIN!

check out bench set up! {note to me, MAKE THIS! }

Golden Mean Calipers go beyond measuring a single distance. They show two distances that are in the perfect Golden Mean ratio to one another! For a smart DIY project, make a cardboard model that shows a ratio of your choice, like 1:5 or Pi. #MathMakers