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Stained Glass Paintings, Designs to Impress and Style Modern Home Interiors

Gorgeous but all that "stuff" on the wall just makes it too much!

Orangerie lantern with pyramid hip roof and finial peak, double french doors. All have high performance glass.

Must be one of the all time greatest stained glass doors

Ocean View Home Embraces Earth - Fire - Air - Water

Overlooking English Bay with vistas of UBC and Vancouver Island, this West Vancouver, BC, Canada home embraces all four elements to create a lifestyle of tranquility within the hustle...

Here is a full-size door, inserted in a humble wooden fence. Its presence heightens the sense of entry into a verdant side garden. There's even a stone threshold over which to step.

You just know there's something fantastic behind this door...

Well here's an idea - front door drapes for all the privacy you want.