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Erkunde Durch Schmuck, Gold Anhänger und noch mehr!

Black Starr & Frost Natural Pearl Ring

DER KÖNIG: Assyrichen König. Karneol Gold-Anhänger / Assyrian King Carnelian Gold Pendant.

The Treasure of Vortigern"A NECKLET" possibly Etruscan .

Koller Auktionen - Details für Lot 1345

Gold framed pendant found at the biblical town of Nimrud, the capital of Ashurnasirpal II, an Assyrian king of the 9th century BC.

DER JAGD: Glyptik ring Gemme: Diana auf der Jagd (Diana on the hunt) Römisch Frühe Kaiserzeit Ende 1. Jh. v. - Anfang 1. Jh. n. Chr.

The crown jewels of the Sumerian Queen Puabi AKA Shabad. University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia, PA.

Octagonal cameo made of Bordeaux Red glass, mounted into a gilded silver medallion showing Ignatius of Loyola. End 16th - early 17th century.

A NEW KINGDOM GOLD AND CARNELIAN NECKLACE dynasty xviii-xix, 1550-1196 b.c. Composed of twenty-eight flat carnelian lotus-seed pendants interspersed with globular and lozenge-shaped carnelian beads, and hollow, incised gold beads with cylindrical collars, the necklace centered by a Roman Period gold-mounted carnelian scarab pendant with a gold lentoid suspension, set with a small cabachon garnet

Large round cameo, made of agate in two layers, ivory on black ground, mounted in silver frame, showing the famous equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius at the Capitol in Rome. Perhaps Rome, 17th century A.D.

Egypt Picture - Gold Bracelet of Ramesses II