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Erkunde Durch Schmuck, Gold Anhänger und noch mehr!

DER KÖNIG: Assyrichen König. Karneol Gold-Anhänger / Assyrian King Carnelian Gold Pendant.

Die Potence (Wappenkette) für den Herold des Ordens vom Goldenen Vlies. Ring set with a domed rectangular aquamarine framed with baguette-cut diamonds and with diamond-set arches at each end. The shoulders are decorated with a triangular ruby and diamonds. Circa 1517

Gold framed pendant found at the biblical town of Nimrud, the capital of Ashurnasirpal II, an Assyrian king of the 9th century BC.

A Head of Osiris from a Large Composite Statuette H. 23.2 cm. Wood, stucco, gold, bronze, glassEgypt, Late Period

Gold earring from the Valley of the Kings,Gold earring found in tomb KV 56 in the Valley of the Kings decorated with the cartouche of King Seti II, fifth ruler of the Nineteenth Dynasty. Nubian enemies depicted on the walls of Egyptian temples wear earrings. The Hyksos introduced the earrings to Egypt in the second Intermediate Period.

In the 6th Century these were decorated almandine disc brooches .

A NEW KINGDOM GOLD AND CARNELIAN NECKLACE dynasty xviii-xix, 1550-1196 b.c. Composed of twenty-eight flat carnelian lotus-seed pendants interspersed with globular and lozenge-shaped carnelian beads, and hollow, incised gold beads with cylindrical collars, the necklace centered by a Roman Period gold-mounted carnelian scarab pendant with a gold lentoid suspension, set with a small cabachon garnet