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Erkunde Weibliche Figur, Gold Flasche und noch mehr!

Wiener Bronze. 'Kupferberg Gold' bottle with signet, c1920. Mechanical erotic bronze. H. 12.5 cm. Nude female figure as signet inside. Marked: KUPFERBERG GOLD, Chr. Adt. Kupferberg. Mainz. GEGRÜNDET 1850.

HEINRICH HOFFMANN, Berlin, Pan with Cobra, c. 1910

A Swiss gold, enamel, and turquoise-set automaton "oracle" vignette, probably Geneva, circa 1820 the bottom opening to reveal a mechanical gilt Cupid in a painted landscape with flap lifting to show "un vrai ami" and other phrases when a question is inserted in the drawer. apparently unmarked.

Franz Xaver Bergmann, Vienna. Erotica, c1900. Owl sitting on a book. When button is pushed, owl opens to reveal a naked woman inside. H. 8.2 cm. Bronze, auburn and gold patina in places. Marked: Founder's mark Nam Greb (faint). | SOLD 2,400 EUR, May 19, 2015

Franz Bergman erotic metamorphic cold-painted bronze nude, Austria, late 19th / early 20th century, the seated Egyptian statue opens to reveal a nude woman seated on a pedestal, incised "Nam Greb" to base behind locking mechanism and with impressed "B" within a vasiform mark to back of pedestal, ht. 5 3/8 in. | SOLD $3,690 Skinner Auction

BLIND MAN'S BLUFF AN GOLD ENAMEL AND PEARL TWO COMPARTMENT AUTOMATON SNUFF BOX FOR THE CHINESE MARKET THE AUTOMATON WORK PROBABLY BY PIGUET AND CAPT, CIRCA 1805 • rectangular, the top centered by a panel enameled in rich colors with a youth teasing a blindfolded girl, split pearl borders above a chased gold winged putto head flanked by swags and further set with pearls opening to the snuff compartment • the upper arch hinged cover applied with a figure of a chased gold cupid in a shell…

Austrian erotic metamorphic cold-painted bronze nude, late 19th / early 20th century, the upright Egyptian sarcophagus opening to reveal a nude woman, bearing incised "Nam Greb" and impressed "B" within a vasiform mark for Franz Bergman, base stamped "AUSTRIA" and "GESCHUTZT," ht. 8 1/2 in. | SOLD $3,240 Skinner Auction

Tightrope performer automaton watch. Circa 1820

Paul Philippe. Tall 'Russian Dancer', 1920s. H. 50 cm (incl. base). Bronze, dark patina, face, décolletage and arms of carved ivory. Auburn marble base. Plinth marked: Philippe. Base marked: P. Philippe.

Bruno Zach. Walking man, c1930. H. 38.2 cm (incl. base). Bronze, black patina, black/brown marble base. Plinth marked: Bruno Zach.