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Erkunde Dollar, Month Charities und noch mehr!

For less than a song download, you can help save the endangered...Dollar Per Month. Join me and help this company raise the money it needs to help those in need. 100% of proceeds go to charities, and you get to vote which one gets the most. Giving back will help you feel so much better :) You can give as little as a dollar per month, literally. It WILL make a difference. Please share! xoxoxo Amazing charity. Please check it out. They manage the charities and where the monies go on a monthly basis.

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Dollar Per Month - the charity voting site

Homes for our Troops, Dec. Top vote-getter DPM Newsletter – December 2012 | Dollar Per Month

For Less Than A Gallon Of Gas, You Can Clothe Someone....Dollar Per Month

Have you ever wanted to find an affordable way to donate to charity without having to go to the trouble of finding the best one? You should check out Dollar Per Month (DPM), a charity founded on the philosophy that small sacrifices can add up to major global impact. DPM has essentially taken the difficult task of finding a cause to support and turned it into a fun and rewarding process!

Get ready Seattle! February 29th Dollar Per Month™ will be hosting its second launch party to raise money and awareness at re:public. Please tell your friends and spread the word as we support these amazing causes! This months featured charities are; Amazon Conservation Association Road construction, logging, and land clearing for agriculture endanger the health of the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon Conservation Association aims to protect the forests by creating a network for…