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make this and you can put it on your wall i need to try this or give it to someone you like see if they figure it out #nerdlove

Mouse - how can something so cute in a picture make me scream if I see one in my house!

detournementsmineurs: Palazzo dInverno. Lo Stile. Ora by...

I am now free of the chains of believing in this mythological creature and the…

Caracol superando limitações | Snail overcoming limitations <+> Voando com o vento | Flying with the wind <+> Dente-de-leão | Dandelion #photoshop

von Oddee

Amazing Pictures: Another 12 Amazing Pictures You Won't Believe Are Not Photoshopped

* * KITTEH: " Justs likes me; Colette's PC crashed ands she's gotta starts over. Pleeze be patient - she's gotta import allz her old messages froms de other computer. Thanx! "