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Erkunde Herz Bilder, Tränen Zitate und noch mehr!

Logophile: Nyctophilia; love of darkness or night

I have found this to be absolutely true.... You can't try to have your mind try to assist you with the grieving process... The heart and your emotions are separate all together and will play out its own effects separately.

I wish that I could hear you say mom to me. Someday when I get to Heaven with you I can hear it.

Erwachsen sein ist voll anstrengend. Immer dieses kümmern, entscheiden, benehmen und gebrochene Herzen. Ich will ein Eis und danach Schaukeln.

Artwork by Tanya Lord! For my mom and dad! If God granted me one wish only! I would ask Him if I can see you again!! Miss you from the bottom of my heart! Love you Forever! Aline

F. Scott Fitzgerald Hand eingegeben Angebot gemacht auf Schreibmaschine

Even the darkest night will end ...

I just want to hear your voice, your laugh