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Erkunde Schenken, Weniger und noch mehr!

Weniger wollen, mehr schenken

TO DO: After the wedding, donate all the live flowers to a nursing home.

“Spending money on prevention and intervention of substance abuse treatment programs will yield better results than spending on correctional facilities,” the authors claim in the study. Finally, the authors note that while crime rates have declined over the last 20 years, incarceration rates has climbed through the roof.

The one thing they can't take: my joy I have to give it away-so I'm takin' back my joy!!!!!

100% agree with this quote!; I agree as well, it not only shows you care, but words not even need to be spoken when time is what you give, memories of the times spent with loved ones who are no longer with us are memories, and nothing is better then beloved memories of our favorite people we wish we could spend time with still, ONLY if Heaven had a guest area, sigh...~RP~

The greatest gift you can give someone…


I don’t have time for THAT! I’m in Physical Therapy school! … Are you sure? Guest blogger, Jasmine Marcus begs to differ. | The PT Student. I like the quote "You'll spend as much time doing you homework as you give yourself." delivers swift justice to radical muslims who slaughtered dozens of christians! awesome!

When you give away Peace, Love and Happiness... it keeps coming back to you.