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Solomon Islands~ The people are naturally blond with no mixture of European blood and having African ancestry.

Africana Age - African and African Diaspora Transformations in the 20th Century - African Americans & World War I.

(2) The Pennsylvania Dutch culture that has been developing here for three centuries is a rich mélange of European and American culture traits that combine to form a viable hybrid American culture. This vital American culture is still evident in Pennsylvania and in areas settled by the Pennsylvania Dutch Diaspora in the 18th and 19th centuries. These areas include the Upland South from Western Maryland to the Carolinas; many areas of the Midwest; and parts of Ontario and New Brunswick in…

Confirmation that the White (Caucasian) Race is derived from Dravidian Albinos, is documented in the findings from genetic analysis of Y-DNA haplogroup "R". Black China: The Mongols, Zhou, Ainu, Jomon, and Huns

Native Congo Free State labourers who failed to meet rubber collection quotas were often punished by having their hands cut off

DNA studies confirm that 97% of people who call themselves Jews ARE NOT descendents of Abraham. In 2001 Dr. Ariella Oppenheim (a Jew) a biologist at Hebrew University published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research fou

Horace King was the most respected bridge builder in west Georgia, Alabama, and northeast Mississippi from the 1830s until the 1880s. King was born a slave and was of African, European and Native American descent. He moved with his master, John Godwin (1798-1859), a contractor, to Girard, Alabama, a suburb of Columbus, where Godwin had …

Ulster Presbyterians and the Scots Irish Diaspora, 1750-1764 (Hardcover)

The migration of roughly 250,000 Irish Protestants to the British North American Colonies marked one of the largest transatlantic movements of Europeans during the eighteenth century. Traditionally hi

Tajik people are a turkic ethnic group primarly inhabiting Tajikistan. But with communities living in China, Uzbekistan and other central Asian countries. Ethnically they are a mix of mongoloid and Caucasoid. They share cultural simalarities with Mongolians and other Turkic families such as Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Turks etc.