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Erkunde Bank Ad, Werbegruppe und noch mehr!

60 Humorous Print Advertisements to Tickle Your Bones


60 забавных печатных рекламных объявлений, которые вам понравятся

Time for a diet. (I love the cat. LOL)

5x7 I Just Ate My Willpower Cheery Green


59 Clever Billboard Techniques

60 Clever Billboard Techniques - From Scent-Emitting Bus Stops to Spinning Billboard Swings (TOPLIST)

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing ... I saw this on Pinterest."

Agreed. (18 photos)

Guilty. Hahaha.

I’ll just leave my cow here


Great ice cream advertisement

Great ice cream advertisement. I try as much as possible to inject humor into everything. If I can sneak in something funny that will be present in all illustrations or even menu's etc. that eventually clients/customers will look for it and smile or say "ah there it is!"