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DLR Roboter Justin serviert Wasser (2008)

Granger Whitelaw speaking at Gadgetoff 2007, New York, NY.

Granger Whitelaw & Dan Dubno at Gadgetoff with friend.

The idea does seem far-fetched, but former Porsche, BMW and Ferrari engineer Peter Maskus seems to be all set to revolutionize the future of transportation. His Swiss-based company Acabion imagines a “traffic internet” of vacuum tubes that will take people to anywhere on earth in less than an hour and around the globe in two hours. Now, that sounds implausible, but the vehicles capable of doing tube-travel are already in the works.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle: Honda Cub Motocycle

Honda Cub Motorcycle concept vehicle, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. (looks more like a "rolling doughnut")