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Erkunde Abenteuer Reit, Die Tenere und noch mehr!


The bridge of engagement unifies the horse's body in movement, and allows continuous and amplified transmission of the power generated by the haunches.

HHT's dressage diagrams give unique visual clarity to many important aspects of riding and training horses.

Horseriding-Eldorado in #Carinthia REK-Reiteldorado Kaernten | Fotograf: Franz Gerdl | Credit:Reit-Eldorado Kärnten | Mehr Informationen und Bilddownload in voller Auflösung:


So jealous! I wish I could have done this when I was her age :( was and still is my dream. She is my hero- reed kessler

Images of horses at various cross country and Equine events. (C)Michael Huggan Photography.