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Groß Raden Archaeological Open Air Museum - reconstructed wooden sacral building.


Another example of a tower on top of a motte (later referred to as keep or donjon). Reconstructed keep at Lütjenburg, Germany. (via wikimedia commons)

La Pompadour Kleider des Mittelalters: High Middle Ages 1350 - men's surcoate or surcotte from ruby silk twill with couched silver quatrefoil pattern and wool crepe with braids and Byzantine medallion in glass beads and silk thread embroidery. (Site in german)

The crusader castle in Cēsis Latvia was built in the early 1200's for the first monastic military order established in the pagan Eastern Baltic. When the castle was besieged by the forces of Ivan the Terrible, it was obvious the survivors could not hold out against them. They decided they would rather die than be taken alive. Around 300 men, women and children used the little gunpowder they had to blow up their chamber. It is one of the biggest documented mass suicides in European history.

That is beautifully simple!

Turmhügelburg Lütjenburg by runlama, via Flickr

Diamond Flower Tiara of Queen Amelie of Greece

Anglo-saxon buildings.

Anglo-saxon buildings. | A H Gray