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urbanfarm///Büro für Kultur und Kommunikation///Festesssen in der Pension Alexandra

"This Hell" - A wall in an abandoned mental asylum. What will the generations of 2050 read upon the walls of the Federal FEMA Camps? Federal Detention / Segregation / Processing Facilities have always been very bad ideas! Always! Let us vote to name them after the President that builds them! Entire walls of photos mandatory - federal law that all the Prez' Institutions mandated to hang photos in the Federally Funded Presidential Libraries! Government Institutions = Recipes For Disaster!

"Scratched" by Mighty Maik. Shot in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands. A door to one of the patient's room is pretty badly scratched by someone...or something... #asylum

Cane Hill was an insane asylum in Croydon London in use until 1991

Asylum, UK ... this looks like where they must have gotten the inspiration for the Arkham Asylum game's look!

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23 Horrifying Old Photos That Will Keep You Awake At Night

She was kept. She was treated for her mental illness or insanity. Stuck in the asylum.

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Here Are Some of the Creepiest Abandoned Prisons We've Ever Seen

"Imagine an inmate sitting in his cell with little else to keep him company but a red marker as he marks off each day that passes. The island is totally abandoned now: only shepherds live here in place of those who once resided within the prison walls. An estimated 4,000 were killed by other inmates or guards, or were otherwise executed." - Written by: Michele Collet

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Nachdem sie gesehen hat, wie BLAU und GRÜN sterben und sie als einzige überlebt, wird sie gefangen genommen und in einem Sanatorium festgehalten. Dort wird sie langsam "insane", was ihren späteren Charakter erklärt. Als sie wiedergeboren wird, hat sie noch die Erinnerungen und somit auch die Qualen von ihrem vorherigen Leben

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Tour Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, a haunted National Landmark

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum--Weston, West Virginia