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Germany: Mob of Muslim Immigrants Attack a Young Pregnant Christian Woman Upon Seeing Crucifix

ACHTUNG deutsche Leser: Bitte klicken Sie hier, um diesen Artikel auf Deutsch zu lesen. Danke. by, Diversity Macht Frei | Deutsch Presse Portal Dispute among asylum seekers escalates Yesterday even...

Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast | Christian Patriots Network [09/13/15] -- Why are mainstream media outlets like CNN and BBC only broadcasting footage which shows the migrants in a positive light? Written by Paul Joseph Watson Infowars

Gutmensch vs. Schlechtmensch - Duell zum Asyl-Chaos ( Alien VS Asylator – duel on migration chaos ) - YouTube

Germany’s finance minister presses for a ‘German Islam’ ByPAMELA GELLER on October 6, 2016 - See more at:

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How To Thank A Soldier, By George W. Bush

Never have never will. One that deserves to stand in front of our troops rather than behind.

Awesome. REALLY I thought there were not radical Muslim in the U.S. only the trrorist are the radical Muslims, so is she saying she is a terrorist. ????

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Facebook Thursday … Plus!!

America is now run by idiots....

RADICAL MUSLIMS are TAUGHT TO HATE & SHOWN ways to KILL ANYONE that isn't Muslim (EVEN ATHEISTS) as soon as they are born they are TAUGHT TO HATE & become desensitized to violence. Common Core will put kids 2 years BEHIND other countries. Once Sharia is THE LAW OF THE LAND women will stay home & girls won't be schooled.WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

I will gladly and willingly share anything I have if you are in need, but you cannot forcibly take from me.....that's stealing.