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27 Useful DIY Solutions for hiding the Litter Box. This one is my favorite because it would also be easy to clean! My cats try to dig to China...

Hide cables in a box and attach an extension cord

Hanging table. You could do this!

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Falls Du nicht weißt, wo du all die Kuscheltiere unterbringen sollst, ist vielleicht diese Lösung aus Holz etwas für Dich.

【これはやってみたい】身の回りにあるものを使ってデスクまわりをスッキリとオシャレにする30のワザ!! - IRORIO(イロリオ)

Such a cute idea for hiding cables cords in a kid's room or playroom.

Hang an office file organizer on the inside of your Tupperware cabinet to keep up with the lids.

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