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RISCH, is a municipality in the canton of Zug in Switzerland. It is also promoted as Risch-Rotkreuz. Four villages (Rotkreuz, Risch, Buonas and Holzhäusern) belong to the municipality Risch. On the 24th of November, 2007 it was decided to promote the minicipality as Risch-Rotkreuz. The change was made because the village Rotkreuz has become much bigger than Risch. Birkenstrasse 43a 6343 Rotkreuz Zug

Steam tripleheader: this was one of the most spectacular trains of the June 2015 Gotthard Steam Show. This triple header lasted only between Rotkreuz and Erstfeld. None of these engines saw any regular service in Switzerland, but who cares? After all, it was a magnificent show! Behind the French (American design, American built) 141R owned by the Swiss "Mikado 1244" association are the German Pacific 01 202 from the Swiss "Verein Pacific" association and her sister, German Pacific 01 150…

Double traction steamtrain with the two former Deutsche Bahn "Pacific" coal fired two cylinder 01 202 (Association Pacific 01 202 in Lyss, Switzerland) and haevy fuel oil fired, three cylinder 01 1066 (lettered as 012 066) of the Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde (UEF). The train started in Munich/Germany the day before, reached Switzerland this morning in Schaffhausen and is going to Locarno. Now it running on the "Südbahn" between Wohlen and Rotkreuz towards the Gotthard.

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