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Erkunde Jockstraps, Zeichnungen und noch mehr!

Hand-Wrought Fonts, including letterforms of contorted watchbands, jockstraps and banana peels

Speed Bump Comic Strip, December 23, 2013 on

Pier Gustafson

Pier Gustafson - Banana Alphabet

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Mckillop’s Butt lifters- You have the Tbar Jock with double the thickness of elastic running like an underwire continuously from one side to the other plus you have the g string bulling up your butt. You also have the Ebrief which only needs 1 thickness of underwire due to the modal lifting your cheeks, also the Ebrief create an optical illusion that your butt is smaller because one’s eye is drawn to the fabric and not the 2″ of elastic (so you add the waist elastic 1.5″ + 2″ on either side…

When the world crashes down around your ears, sometimes all you can do is punt and hope for the best. Razor by Jon Key

Fan art appreciation post! Before it was known as... - Tobias and Guy