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Erkunde Aus Kroatien, Eintopf Aus und noch mehr!

Eintopf aus Kroatien

Der Eintopf aus Kroatien wird mit feinen Meeresfrüchten zu einer äusserst köstlichen Angelegenheit.

Croatian Stuffed Cabbage (Sarma)

Klara's Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Croatian Sarma: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls or Croatian Sarma

, Cheese Burek. From an amazing Croatian blog, lots of family recipes

Squid Salad Recipe Straight from New Orleans

Croatian Squid Salad Recipe - Recipe for Croatian Squid Salad or Lignje na Salatu

Yum yum, zrnovski makaruni from #Korcula. Pasta dish with meat sauce.


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North Croatian Green Peas Soup

North Croatian Green Peas Soup from This is one of my grandmother recipes I have decipher from her manuscript. I am making the soup today, so this is how it goes:

Maraschino is an original liqueur originating from Zadar. It is made of maraska sour cherry pulp as well as stems and leaves form young branches. This resulted in a harmonious and unique flavor known around the world as it was historically drank on European courts. Maraschino is one of the most famous Croatian souvenirs.

Brachia is a new Croatian olive oil premium brand from the island of Brač. Brachia olive oils are made from awarded olive cultivar named Oblica. The packaging, created by Tridvajedan, is wonderful. To learn more visit

Jana Bottled Water is bottled at the artesian source in the picturesque Croatian village of Saint Jana, near the Adriatic Sea from a depth of 2500 feet (800m) .