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INDIAN social worker baba sonawane

indian social worker baba sonawane

Stop womans child killing present school gidline book by baba sonawane and from that way by the try of baba sonawane ahemdnager,aurangabad,dule,pune distrik succesfull for somepart stop child killing

The street child got eduction by baba sonawane baba work for street children for eduction and thousand of child got eduction

Socialworker baba sonawane awrded by own villige for socialwork

Baba sonawane awrded by village people got help for developent by baba

Our helplinefoundation blind friend Ramdas dhatonde(newasa)vinayak vankhade(aurangbad)yogesh avhad(harigaon) who help other blind with baba sonawane enjoy with selfee in our office

Baba sonawane adapt child

Lettet for baba sonawane inspiring

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