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Erkunde 2.00, Hochzeitsschuhe und noch mehr!

Debi Mandala: "A pop of pink! Amazing wedding shoes by Angela Nuran. " #AngelaNuranContest1

angela nuran wedding shoes

Beautiful Florida Bride with Angela Nuran Starletta Bridal Shoes dyed Cobalt Blue. @AngelaNuranContest1

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Ivy Ho: "My Angela Nuran shoes that kept me comfortable for over 12 hours and I usually can't stay in heels for over an hour! " @angelanurancontest1

Ivy Ho: I did wear Angela Nuran shoes and I LOVED them, did not feel pain all day and so comfortable and everyone loved the bold blue colors on them!" Angela Nuran Astoria wedding shoes dyed cobalt blue @angelanurancontest1

Waiting to say "I Do" The Angela Nuran Astoria Shoe

Bride Stacey Masters. These are my Angela Nuran Starletta custom shoes purchased from The Left Bank in Chicago. They were so comfortable. @AngelaNuranContest1

MOST COMFORTABLE WEDDING SHOES EVER!!! Angela Nuran Bridal Shoe Astoria dyed hot pink