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Erkunde Notizen Geschenk, Opa Geschenk und noch mehr!

Opas Notizen, Geschenk Opa, Notizbuch Opa, Geschenk Großvater

Notizbuch Opa, Opas Notizen, Geschenk Opa, Bester Opa, Geschenk Großvater

Oma Geschenk, Notizbuch, Omas Notizen, Beste Oma, Geschenk Großmutter

Geschenk Oma, Notizen, Notizbuch, Omas Notizen, Beste Oma

Uterine Fibroids. What the heck are those, right? They are benign tumors that grow in and around the uterine walls. In extremely rare cases (less than .1%) they lead to cancer. They come in all sizes (from the size of a pea to the size of an orange) and grow in all areas of the uterus - so their symptoms and treatments are dependent on size/location.