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Fallschirmjäger Hauptmann (Paratroop Captain) Walter Gericke (smoking) was originally a policeman who transferred to the Luftwaffe and became one of the first battalion commanders of the Parachute Division.He fought in the Battle of Crete (1941) and won the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.He also fought in Italy and by the war's end was a lt colonel. Postwar, he was POW of the British.He returned to service in the 50s and commanded 1.Airborne Division 1962-65.He retired a major general.

A photo taken in 16 May 1940, when Kurt Student was presenting the FJ for their actions at Eben-Emael (look the helmets with mud, the smocks, that two in the photo already received their Knights Cross from Hitler in 13 May, etc, it´s all congruent). Look at the guy that i marked. The flaps are there!

This post is dedicated to men who really held the most noble and true meaning behind the Fallschirmjäger motto ‘Treue um Treue.”