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Writing Dystopian Fiction: 7 Tips


How Can You Tell if Your Idea Is Worth Writing? / jh

Atlas of True Names USA

6 Questions Writers Must Answer When Writing Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you go about the task of "world-editing" in the early stages of an urban fantasy, paranormal, or near-future science fiction story.

By Daeus Lamb Sword fights are common elements in literature and drama. Everyone wants to include them because they rouse the audience to mountainous heights o

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Creating a Writer's Ritual - E.M. Welsh

How to Overcome Writing Doubts (for writers, bloggers, and authors)

How To Overcome Writing Doubts | Are you a blogger or writer? Do you often find yourself doubting your work? Click through for tips on how to overcome writing doubts and get to work.

Hannah Heath: 6 Tips for Writing an Imposing and Complex Villain

Handy plot detailing explained, if that's your style of writing (as opposed to winging it, as I have a tendency to prefer).