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Erkunde Flaggen, Wappen und noch mehr!

-from the northumberland bestiary mid 12th century - Pope Innocent empowered the Inquisition to burn all cats/cat lovers.As a result of the drastic drop in the cat population,the number of rodents increased.Millions of rats carrying fleas infected with bubonic plague spread the Black Death across Europe.When the persecution of cats ended in the late 17th century,they began hunting rats again and Europeans saw the advantage of having these natural hunters keep their towns' rodent free.

«Wappenbuch besonders deutscher Geschlechter», Nikolaus Bertschi, Augsburg, 1515-1650 [BSB Cod.icon. 308 - urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00001364-8] -- Reichswappen (f°29v)

Insignia Florentinorum - BSB Cod.icon. 277, [S.l.] Italian, 1550-1555, view the whole book here: