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Double-Stick Fashion Tape to Hem Jeans. No Iron! (Shorten Denim)

Double-Stick No Iron No Sew Fashion Hem Tape for Denim (Jeans, Pants, Skirt, Short) (Apparel)By Bristols 6

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Kindle Edition)By Tami Kidd

Thread of Hope (The Joe Tyler Series, #1) (Kindle Edition)By Jeff Shelby

Adjust A Button for Denim: Removable instant fix fashion button for tight or gaping waistbands for a perfect fit on jeans (No iron, sew, tailor) (Apparel)By Bristols 6

The Death Contingency (Paperback)By Nancy Lynn Jarvis

The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership (Hardcover)By James C. Hunter

What To Live For (Kindle Edition)By A Rosaria

Memoirs of a Gas Station: A Delightfully Awkward Journey Across the Alaskan Tundra (Kindle Edition)By Sam Neumann