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Hand-carved Russian distaff with geometric motives and red paint, 19th century. Length: 51". This distaff is not of the traditional L-shape but provides the spinner with greater mobility. Tucked under the arm spinning can be done while walking.

von Eccentric Wefts:

A Distaff from the Russian Arctic

Russian distaff

von 15thcenturyspinning

How did women spin in the 15th century.

spinning and distaff.

Albania. Cross spindle with twisted iron shaft. The arms, one of them decorated with carvings, are inserted into each other and can be taken apart and rotated. This makes it possible to store the spindle in a flattened position that needs less space. The hook however prevents a complete disassembly of the spindle as it is possible with Turkish spindles. Length of the arms: 5.5"; Length of the iron shaft: 4.92"; Weight: 134.30 g.

Distaff with a basket work "cage" to hold the unspun fibers associated with a simple, hand-carved spindle. Looking at old French postcards one can notice thatthis type of distaff Mainly an occurs in the Auvergne. Late 19 th - early 20 th century. Distaff length: 36,22, length of spindle: 11.61 ".