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I can't decide if this is an apt description of me! pronunciation | \a-‘bU-lE-a\

Something I definitely's sad though like I want to trust people but no one has really ever understood. I've only found people that understand on Here but still have no one to talk to :/

Etymology Logos is Greek for "word", lepsy is Greek, "to seize" Noun logolepsy (plural logolepsies) (rare) A fascination or obsession with words.

Introvertiert Lustig,Intp Probleme,Introvertiert Probleme,Sag Das,Immer,Introvert Probz,Thick Steel,Foot Thick,Factotum



pronunciation | ma-tU-tEn submitted by | fullyajar submit words | here

pronunciation | "sfo-lO-‘la-lE-o\ #sphallolalia, noun, English, origin: Greek, flirting, love, flirt, castle, caskett, UST, relationships, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, S,