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Some Awesome Pictures of President Obama. Keeping in mind that the right wing nuts of America would rather describe him as a "skinny, big-eared community organizer" instead of a Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard (the most revered university in America), lawyer, family man and fearless leader. It's sad. The stupid is strong on the other side.

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Photos of the second inauguration of President Obama

President Obama smiles during his second inauguration ceremony.

(c) Piergiovanni, EPA

President Barack Obama... State Of The Union.... 2011

UHR: Der Präsident Interviews ist der Urheber der "The Wire" Über den Krieg gegen Drogen | Das Weiße Haus

President Barack Obama...

President Barack Obama With 1st Lady Michelle Obama.... Tucson Memorial....

MR. & MRS. ~O~They Are Beautiful Together (if i must put the president & mrs in there i will)