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haha YES all you other unorganized and un-united fandoms better watch out when we bond together

Um excuse me can I get a tissue box over here? Just um watch my stuff while I go

Repin If You Get It>>> coincidence? I THINK NOT!>>>>HAHA>>>i think us directioners went to vote and saw this and just....."well niall i really want to pick you but youve already got you turdy seven"<<< RePINNING FOR THAT COMMENT XD>> OMG

Official One Direction Facts and Niall, you are cool, whether you are with Zayn, or Harry, or Liam, or Louis.

That is the best thing you could say to a Directioner. It shows that you are honest and dont try to act all tough like most guys who just make fun of them because they want to look tough, FYI to all the guys who do this, its not attractive, its annoying, just stop. << SASS.