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Response To PETA

They have also recently teamed up with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man who has been on the national stage for years abusing prisoners, his authority, and being an all-around racist. Take-away- DON'T donate to PETA. There are better animal charities out there.

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"Davion," Manami looked over at Davion. The letter dropped from her hands. Davion looked over at her. Her face was a mixture of shock and fear. He stopped in his tracks. He quickly walked over and sat down beside her. "Manami? Manami, what's wrong?" He took her hand and looked at her worriedly. "Read the letter." She said simply, her facial expression didn't change. Davion picked up the letter off the floor and started to read. When he finished, he looked over at Manami. "Oh Manami..."

Pin for Later: Jared Letos erste Hauptrolle seit Dallas Buyers Club

Writing Prompt #10

Writing Prompt #10 |