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A Marble Machine with a looping. It is a computer animation in POV-Ray. Please see the making of on Rendering time was 12 days. Everything is coded in POV-Ray, no other Kinematic program. The kinematics source is 100 lines of POV-Ray code. POV-Ray is running 7000 Frames. Every frame reads the Position of the marble from a textfile, calculates the new position, displays everything, and writes the new position…

Marble Machine in POV-Ray Computer Animation

Making of a Rose PovRay Animation Please view in High Resolution and Fullscreen. This Video was rendered entirely with PovRay 3.7 RC3. The 5300 lines of source are separated in 1 main file and 5 includes. The film was rendered on an Intel i5 in 9 days and 23 hours in one piece The 3800 .png files are fit together with VitualDub. Many thanks to Andrea and Friedrich A. Lohmueller for their Tutorials and the basic scene.

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