Erkunde Indonesien 2016, Diving Tauchen und noch mehr!

Maratua, Indonesien, 2016

Malaysia Borneo, Mabul Island

Balinese food gets me excited every time we come back to Indonesia’s most popular holiday spot. I get excited about unpretentious flavours and time-tested spices that result in mouth-watering food that I just can’t get enough of. Next time you visit Bali you must try all 10 of these.

Third Place, Behavior - <i>Cleaner</i>. I found this cleaning station at 26 meters. On the first dive, I took a few front facing photos with cleaner shrimps in the moray eel's mouth. When I surfaced, I came up with an idea of a side-face moray eel, widely opening its mouth with the cleaner shrimp inside. So I tried a second dive and it turned out to be how I had imagined it. Photographed near Tulamben, Indonesia, on December 12, 2016.

Would hardly call these budget, but there's some nice spots // Top 10 budget beach hotels, villas and bungalows in Bali and Lombok

2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition People's Choice Award: The couple: Photographed by: Sergio Sarta, Italy During a dive off the coast of Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, Sergio was finning across a volcanic, dark grey, sandy seabed when suddenly, he saw a bright‐colored organism – a fire urchin with an elegant couple of little Coleman shrimps. The fire urchin has quills that are very toxic to humans – the shrimps avoid this danger by seeking out safe areas between the…

The Gili Islands are primarily known for 3 things: party, diving and snorkeling. But there are so much more things to do like surfing, view points, stick fights any more.

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