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Forgiveness is one of my top traits, but don't push it so far that it'll turn into detached apathy.

Ain't nobody got time for one-sided friendships. #worthmore

Without a doubt. The really sad part of this , it is a mental illness. Bring around a person like this is like having an intimate relationship with an HIV postive person without protection. There is little to no hope for a narcisisst! XO

Impolite as the language might be, its very true-ironic. Wanting things to be better, trying/wanting to help, bringing them out, leaving-they get offended after how they acted, in defense mode, try to justify/blame/hurt you more. People like this are sick cowards when they trash someone/what's most important in their life.

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My only competition is being better than I was yesterday.

Which is why I responded with "I don't need luck" to your "Good Luck" when I walked out of our home and out on you. If you really had cared for me, you would have never cheated. #cheaters #heartbroken