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King Fire - has burned 89,574 acres . . . (9-23-14 update)

How Will The Golden State Face An Epic Drought?�|�Dr. Reese Halter // One of nature's fiercest acts of resetting her biological clock -- wildfires and our parched forests in a warming world burn hotter than scientists have ever witnessed before. (1/7/14)

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How Will The Golden State Face An Epic Drought? This spring / summer of 2014 Calif. water-starved forests face severe risk of Firestorms from 3 consecutive bone-dry winters. Unless California's lakes and reservoirs receive ample moisture (and climate models predict they won't) during the remainder of Jan., Feb., March we can expect water rates to rise and our tinder-box-dry forests to burn. ...San Joaquin farmers are facing at least $1B in crop losses >> so the price of food at the…

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Barbican's Rain Room: its raining, but you wont get wet. The Rain Room, a technical wonder by contemporary art studio rAndom International. Using 3d mapping to control water heads, a person can walk through and remain dry!

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