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Erkunde Seitan, Pizza und noch mehr!

vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, broccoli and Seitan !

Easy to make, spicy BEET seitan. Video tutorial:…

Season with oregano and thyme Seitan !

Sandwich with Seitan, tomatoes and green salad !


Schippelbohnensuppe Vegan Month of Food 2015

Seitan cutlet with pecans Crust !

Meatballs made with seitan tomato paste !

Pasta Bolognese with seitan burgers !

Seitan Bacon

Vegan Seitan Bacon. Four words: Made it, loved it. Half batches are the perfect size for me. Remember to bake the full 45 minutes: I cut it down for the half batch, and the middle wasn't done. Still fries up great, just hard to handle.

The Vegan Manifesto: Will the Real UnTurkey Please Stand Up? THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!